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SafetyPIN is a universal trust badge designed just for apps like Curah. It provides people a fast track to trust when choosing a stylist, a sitter, a handyman, or anytime they will be taking an online meeting offline.

Jenny Thompson started SafetyPIN after her dog sitter faked her own death when she owed Jenny $150 back. Determined to bring a greater level of trust to online hiring, Jenny worked with criminal profilers, forensic and clinical psychologists, and the former White House Security Chief to create a new standard in personal safety.

Behind every SafetyPIN is a comprehensive criminal background check, financial history screening, ID verification, and a proprietary behavioral review. Once someone meets all the criteria, they get a virtual badge that shows they’ve met the requirements and are in good standing.



Casey Golden, Founder, CEO of Luxlock started her retail career being reprimanded for gift wrapping and personal shopping with 12-year-old’s. After nearly 15 years in the Fashion, E-commerce, and Retail Technology space she crafted a solution one more time and went all-in.  She’d had a few startups on the side over the years; trying to solve a problem the industry wasn’t yet convinced was a problem. Continually unsatisfied with either the scalability, timing, business model, or integration friction to reach critical mass she stayed on the inside.

Continued to learn and solve as many problems as she could from within. With a Livingroom floor filled with 8 ½ x11 papers mapping databases of existing retail technology systems, she found the intersection. Casey took to the pavement, knocking on doors and talking to anyone in the industry that would be willing to poke holes in her idea. After a year, she had a prototype built and validated that Luxlock could be a viable solution to actually solve the problem. No more garbage data, inconsistent service standards, and lackluster shopping experiences.

Technology and demand had finally caught up, and after 2 years she launched Luxlock in January of 2019. A Unified Experience Platform that merges e-commerce and physical stores, with thousands of brand extensions to create the most beautiful way to shop across the luxury industry.

It’s a completely unique shopping experience for each person, tailored to their lifestyle and aspirations. “I’ve always wanted to emphasize the relationship between consumer and the brand. I’ve know first-hand how beautiful shopping can be; it breaks my heart that most people have never experienced it. Being a women-owned business comes with its own constraints, but being in the tech industry it’s easier for us to grow. We don’t hold inventory or need to chase ROAS; unlike the brands our technology serves. So, we're taking 25 Female Founded brands with us in a pilot program. I am in awe of the comradery I have experienced as a Founder this time around.

I believe the world should be designed in alignment with the demographics of our population.”- Casey Golden



BeemaBroker helps startups and small business owners navigate the confusing world of business insurance! We help the business owner figure out exactly which type of insurance policies they need to protect themselves and their business from the risk of common lawsuits. We help shop for the best rates possible and provide free software to help them manage these policies on their own time.

The software also helps with their state insurance compliance management and become a central place to store all of their insurance documents. BeemaBroker is highly trusted by clients and was the recipient of the 2019 “Power Broker” Award by Risk & Insurance Magazine.

Personal Bio
Tammy Mission is the Co-founder & CEO of BeemaBroker. Tammy has a decade of experience of working with startups & small business owners. Mission is a graduate of Saint Mary’s College of California with a Bachelor of Science in Economics & Business Administration with a minor in Theology in Religious Studies. Recipient of Top 40 Under 40, 2016 Young Guns Award for Under 35, Responsibility Leader in Applied Ethics by Liberty Mutual, 2019 “Rising Stars”, “Power Broker” Award by Risk & Insurance Magazine in 2019, 2015 & 2013. Mission is passionate about helping fellow female founders build successful businesses.

Mission and Vision

Curah, latin for care, aims to be a one-stop shop in the self-care industry by offering a transparent, convenient and fair work process by providing a path to entrepreneurial opportunities and financial independence for freelancers in the beauty and self-care industry and for the millennial woman to have an affordable, accessible and convenient on-demand beauty anytime, anywhere!

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